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Processes That Take Your Organization to the Next Level

It takes a great deal of effort to create and lead a high-performance organization. It isn’t as simple as watching a YouTube video. Creating a high-performance organization means nurturing a culture where patterned high-performance behavior comes natural to your employees. That means defining an expected behavior and then teaching your organization to pattern that behavior over a long period of time. Eventually, the patterned behavior becomes the norm.  That is what PB/T Consulting will do for your organization.

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Organizational Assessment
Strategic Planning
Leadership Development

Organizational Assessment

Is your organization struggling with gaps between current performance expectations and the much preferred high-performance?


Understanding the perceptions of organizational leadership, operational personnel, and customers is critical to address root issues associated with those perceptions.  Our team will examine all aspects of your organization and provide you with insightful information to move towards becoming high performing, current, and to create a clear path toward future success.


Have you spent much needed effort and resources on developing a plan only to find it years later gathering dust on a shelf in the CEO’s office or conference room?


Utilizing the data obtained from the organizational assessment, our team will use a three-phased approach to help you translate your goals to results through a just-now, thoughtful and streamlined focused planning process. 


Phase One: Focus to bring alignment of perception speak and assumptions to data driven reality. 


Phase Two: Design to create clearly articulated and measurable outcome strategies. 


Phase Three: Adapt to be able to recognize unanticipated opportunities and challenges as they arise and incorporate them into your overall plan.


The results of your efforts will provide your organization with short and mid-range strategies and guidance to operationalize employee efforts to achieve the plan’s vision through a Work Plan Accountability Tool. 

Leadership Development

Do all levels within your organization “own” the departmental goals and strategies? 

Good strategies can still lead to poor outcomes without effective leadership.  Using the information and tools provided in Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations by Cecil V. “Buddy” Martinette Jr., our team will set your organization up for long-term success by customizing leadership training by organizational level. 

If you are ready to discover the tools and processes that create a patterned behavior of high-performance, then you are ready for a relationship with PB/T Consulting.  

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Meet Our Team of Experts

PB/T Consulting was built on the principle that nothing changes for the good or bad unless there is a commitment to patterned behavior over time.  Good changes happen when your organization understands the individual and organizational commitment required to be high-performing. Starting with developing values and hiring people that share those values, then committing to continuous improvement, implementing processes that align personal and organizational effort, and leadership development that perpetuates a high performance culture is what you get with PB/T Consulting.  Our associates have a proven process and track record of being able to change an organization's culture to one that is high-performing, servant centered, and focused on doing the right thing for its customers.   

Cecil V Buddy Martinette Jr.

Cecil V. "Buddy" Martinette, Jr.

After a remarkable career in the fire, rescue, and local government profession, C. V. “Buddy” Martinette Jr. continues to give back to the public service vocation he so dearly loves.  Supported by his lifelong dream of sharing his experience and leadership philosophy in print he wrote Creating and Leading High-Performance Organizations and founded PB/T Consulting.  “I don’t want to be all things to all people.  I want PB/T to be special to those organizations that are committed to creating and sustaining the hard work necessary to change their organizations culture to one that is high performing.”

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Deborah Dunford



A life-long learner, Deborah's primary life career was as a library administrator for the city of Virginia Beach where she managed Human Resources, fiscal and strategic planning. After retirement, she has been a strategic planning consultant for multiple municipalities and associations in North Carolina and Virginia.

As a third act, Deborah is working with Buddy to utilize the tools and strategies outlined in his book to assist others in their journey of life-long learning and to grow the next generation of leaders.

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Meredith Mulford PBT Consulting.png



Meredith Mulford has 19 years of experience in project management with 14 years of organizational development, strategic development, process improvement, change management, workflow analysis and data analysis experience. She began her consulting career with McKinsey and Company in 2007 and was most recently the Administrative Service Manager with the Wilmington Fire Department. Meredith provides project management combined with strategic direction. Her results-driven process improvement and analytics expertise contribute to sustainable outcomes.

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Steve Cover served the citizens of Virginia Beach for over forty years as a life-long public servant. He is the former Deputy City Manager of Public Safety, where he provided executive oversight for the Police, Fire, EMS, 911 and Emergency Management Departments. Prior to that he was the Fire Chief for Virginia Beach. He continues to be an advocate for public  safety. Steve looks forward to giving back to the profession and the organizations that gave so much to him throughout his career. He is especially excited to work with Buddy’s team and share his life experiences in order to prepare the next generation of leaders.

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“It’s a pleasure to work with someone who can supplement my own skills to make the organization more complete and better directed."  
Buddy Martinette is one of the best strategic thinkers with whom I have ever worked.  His mind is simply wired that way.  It was a marvel to watch him work through situations in a way that brought him to a systematic solution that considered a myriad of variables only to tie a individual work plan, through multiple steps, to the strategic directives of the organization.  There are very few folks who can immediately visualize and identify those connections. 

Tony Caudle

City Manager, City of Wilmington, NC


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